About us

How did our story begin?

The beginning was laid in July 2015 at the initiative of the rector of TSU E.V. Galazhinsky, and a small number of specialists began to create a special division of the university. The faculty developed rapidly! In a short time, a holistic system for working with foreign citizens was formed, the personnel of the Pre-Courses Department took shape.
    Our mission is not only to prepare students for further higher education at TSU and other higher educational institutions of Russia but also to get acquainted with the richest culture of our country.
Specialists of the Pre-Courses Department are high-class teachers of Russian as a foreign language and tutors who help students adapt to life in Russia, get acquainted with the beauties of Siberia, form a look at the future profession and place in society.

The main emphasis in the organization of the educational process is made on individual work with each student.

Students are trained both on a paid (contractual) basis, and by state order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation (at the expense of the federal budget).

The faculty of pre-university training is based in the student residential complex “Sail” and has a modern material and technical base. Classes are held in six spacious training halls with a view of Lake Mavlukeyevsky, equipped with the latest technology.

Annually, about 90% of the graduates of the faculty enter NI TSU and other higher educational institutions.